About me

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Who am I?

I'm a designer and I like to create
user-centered designs.

I’m currently working at Truist on a scrum team tasked with developing and innovating advanced authentication methods within the Truist mobile app. I research other apps to discover innovative designs across future and existing experiences. Then I get to translate that data into compelling visual stories about people and the product they want and need.

My mix of tools, including the most up-to-date UX/UI software and as well as the tried-and-true pen and paper.

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What I do when I'm not working

If I’m not at the computer, I’m probably traveling in my van. When I’m not traveling, I’m cooking, drawing, reading, catching up on my favorite TV show (currently Bobs Burgers), or playing video games! I have a huge passion for food, so every week my significant other and I like to try a new restaurant.

Country checklist 🌎

✔️ Aruba
✔️ England
✔️ France
✔️ Greece
✔️ Croatia
✔️ Montenegro
✔️ Denmark
✔️ Hungary
✔️ Monaco
✔️ Netherlands
✔️ Portugal
✔️ Spain
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