Banking reimagined


August 6, 2021


Experience Designer

I was on a scrum team of 3 designers, alongside content and devs to create a location search feature. Location search will provide business, retail, and wealth clients to search for a Truist branch and atm via authenticated digital banking.

Banking reimagined
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There is no current location search feature available in the Truist mobile app.

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Since COVID, branches have temporarily closed or changed hours; with inconsistent information across multiple map applications, the Truist location search feature will help mitigate the confusion.

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Provide Truist clients with a reliable way to locate a nearby branch or atm.

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Since the Truist mobile apps launch in February 2022, it has received over 200K reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The Process

Our team met up on a bi-weekly basis to discuss updates or concerns regarding the productivity of this feature. Meeting with my UX counterpart, we discuss the best way to develop the layout, while creating the optimal user experience.

User Research

• Found that most users didn't know what the advantage is of using this feature

• Wanted to know why is it better than applications like Apple or Google maps

• Users were happy to learn that it would support temporarily closed status and altered hours

• Will there be an option to create appointments with the branches we select?


My UX counterpart began creating low-fi wireframes in Axure with the feedback from our research while taking inspiration from other fintech apps on the market. After the initial wireframes were created, the team met to go analyze the hierarchy and discuss whether we had any further questions before skinning the wireframes.


Using our Adobe XD content library, I began creating the designs based on the low-fi wireframes and feedback from our team. While our content library is extensive, we needed custom components within our feature to create a more user-friendly feature. To compensate for this, I designed custom icons for the location pins and "my location" button. I stylized them so they are ADA compliant while compiling with our design system.

Aligning with the team

To keep a consistent look and feel across platforms, we'd meet in a regular UX / UI sync-up with the app team to ensure alignment. We had similar core components and rationale for when these differed.

Next steps & involvement

Next steps: After the product went live, we started measuring data as a team and noticed reviews were very good. It would be ideal to start innovating on our current design to push the limits of this feature.

Involvement: Lead designer on visualizing, rationalization, prototyping, and pairing. The mental model was led by UX researchers Austin Garcia and Olivia DuVal. App components were designed by Matt Rickard and Tito Rivera.