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Psychogeographic map set in Durham, North Carolina.
Case Study
March 2021

My psychogeographic map is set in Durham,  North Carolina. For my map, I chose to create a line art representation of the downtown Durham area where my map is set. This area is up-and-coming, and is a must go spot for foodies. This intersection is unique in the way it is aligned on the map, and the attractions surrounding it, contained by shops, restaurants, and a clinic. All of these local attractions are what make Durham so unique.

Throughout this project, I was unsure of how I would create my map and how I could voice that creatively. Using the line-art map I created, I thought about the fun geometric painting on one of the walls on Chapel Hill Street and loved the fun colors that seem to embody the community of Durham. Taking this concept, I created my own abstract pattern which represents Durham and the Tobacco District. After I had constructed the ideas and means to create my psychogeographic map, I then begin thinking about the location. This location contains shops, restaurants and clinics, and thought about the medium I could use from one of these places to inspire my design.

Originally I thought about placing this fun and creative piece on canvas, but then it hit me… shopping! Every outlet or restaurant uses bags to transport their goods and services, and I decided to do the same thing. Once I figured this out, I then had to decide what type of bag I was going to use to display my map. Eventually after hours of searching on the internet and consulting with other, I landed on the beloved tote bag. Using this fun and dynamic tote bag as my  medium, it perfectly conveys  the message of my psychogeographic map.

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